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Content is King on the internet.

Content Marketing.
Keep your business relevant and your customers up to date.


What is
Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a type of online marketing that seeks to inform, engage, and compel an audience. This is done with written content, and when utilized appropriately, it can generate a lasting result. Every business looking to grow on the internet will, at some point, require content marketing.

Why is Content Marketing so important?

With traditional marketing gradually losing its value and ability to generate more results, businesses are now looking to the brighter side, which is online marketing. Online marketing, which entails using different online strategies to grow a brand or business, is becoming more popular as businesses now know how helpful it can be to them. One of the most efficient online marketing strategies is content marketing.

Content marketing is an online marketing strategy that involves using content to get the desired goal. It is a process that has to do with planning, creating, and distributing valuable and relevant content to a specific audience to get some results. The content can be in a different form; it all depends on how the business chooses to engage with their audience.

By providing an audience with valuable and relevant content, businesses can build trust and get the results they seek. On the internet, people are searching for how to ease pain or solve a problem, and here is where content marketing comes in. With an effective content marketing strategy, a business can reach out to people that need their service/product. The content will be used to inform their audience on how their service/product can help meet their need.

Content, they say, is king on the internet, and this belief has been proven to be true. So, when looking to explore the opportunities that come with the internet, creating a killer content marketing strategy is abosuletly vital. This marketing strategy can help businesses to increase conversions, improve brand awareness, boost revenue, and more. There are no limits to how helpful it can be to a business.

The world is moving forward and not backward, so not exploring content marketing can be very bad for any business, regardless of the industry. What makes this means of marketing so efficient is that the effects it brings can last for a long time. This online marketing strategy, when treated as a vital aspect of a business marketing strategy, can generate an infinite ROI for businesses. For instance, content written to rank on search engines can generate organic traffic and sales three years after. This shows how powerful it can be.

Another thing that makes content marketing important to every business is that contents are written to meet their audience’s needs. The contents, when properly created, can appeal to the reader and build trust within a matter of minutes.

What content can do varies from building a good relation and trust with an audience to educating potential customers about your product to explaining how your product meets the needs of your audience, and many more. But the final goal of every business is to make sales, and that is what content marketing does.


What exactly
do we offer?

Here at Develte, we offer a wide range of content marketing services that are aimed at helping businesses grow their brand awareness and increase sales. Here is a list of content services we offer.

Copywriting: Copywriting is a type of content marketing strategy that is written to drive sales or capture leads. Copywriting can come in different forms, but the main idea behind a copy is to promote a company’s product or service and compel the readers to buy it. Some copies are written for quick results (aggressive copy), while others are written to nurture an audience before selling.

Blog posts: Blog posts are the most common form of content. Virtually everyone with a smartphone must have come across a blog post at one point or the other. They are posts written and published on a blog to engage and inform an audience. Blog posts are one of the most effective content marketing types. Millions of people are searching the internet every day looking for answers to questions they have, and blog posts provide most, if not all the answers.

Articles: Just like blog posts, articles are written to inform and engage an audience. The difference is that they are not published on blogs. Articles are being published in magazines, newspapers, journals, professional/company websites. Also, while blog posts can be around 300-1000 words, articles can go up to 5000 words.

Social Media Posts: There are billions of people on social media, and the only way to engage with those who are interested in your business without breaking into their DMs is by writing engaging social media posts. Social media posts work like magic, especially when it is of value and gets to the right audience. The share/retweet feature which social media platforms offer makes it possible to get your brand content across millions of people.

Guest Blogging: Guest blogging involves leverage on other blogs to grow a brand and get more results. With guest blogging, a new brand can publish content on the blog of an established brand with the aim of either increasing awareness or sales.

Infographics: With an infographic, brands can explain ideas and information in an easy to understand format. Infographics rely on simple words, short sentences, simple charts, and clear images to engage and inform an audience. Infographics are perfect for explaining educational and complex details, as they make them easier to understand.

Email: Email is another effective content marketing technique that we are good at. With email content, businesses can nurture an audience and convert strangers into loyal customers. The email content is vital for brands that are looking to grow a strong relationship with their customers and make them return customers.


Project by the numbers.


Websites optimized

Since August 2018 we have optimized well over 80 websites spread across 4 continents and many industries.


Average pages per website.

Throughout the years we had the opportunity to work with many websites of different sizes from just a few pages to massive ones of 1000+ pages.


Pages being monitored

We are currently monitoring and managing more than 12000 web pages across multiple industries and regions.



Our work has helped and positively impacted businesses across 4 continents: Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.

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