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Email Marketing.
Engage, nurture and convert leads into sales.


What is
Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a means of promoting a business through emails. Businesses can now keep in touch with and engage with their audience and prospects for maximum conversions. Email marketing has not gone obsolete; it has evolved to be a source of business growth and engagement if done the right way!

Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing techniques and is still active to this day. It is one of the most straightforward and efficient ways of building, nurturing, engaging, and converting leads into sales. This digital marketing strategy has generated billions of dollars for businesses across different industries and is still helpful.

Email marketing is a type of online marketing strategy that involves sending emails to prospects and customers to engage them and convert them into loyal customers. It is used to build trust and a good relationship with prospects and customers – thereby converting prospects into customers and customers into loyal fans. Companies can introduce and promote new products and services to their existing customers through email marketing.

With this marketing strategy, every process can be automated even as sales increase. When set-up correctly, it can generate an infinite ROI for any business due to its automation. Aside from emails confirming order shipment and email response to a customer or prospect inquiry, every other email from a company can be for marketing purposes.

Although email can be a means to increase sales and boost customer engagements, when not utilized properly, it can ward off potential customers. In as much as emails convert well, people hate to see too many unwanted emails from the same sender. So, moderation is crucial.

Email marketing got introduced in 1971 by a computer engineer. It later went on to generate around $13 million in sales in 1978 for a company that used it to send out the first commercial email to let people know about a new product. Meanwhile, the email list that generated this much had only 400 email addresses. Ever since then, businesses are using this marketing method to rake in a huge amount of money.

Quick statistics as of Jan 2021

The internet
in numbers.


Billion searches per day

It is estimated that Google sees more than 7 billion searches each day worldwide.


Billion Internet users

Currently there are more than 4.8 billion internet users wordwide, a number that constantly grows each day.


Google Search market share

As of January 2020, Google Search owns 91.38% of the worldwide search engine market share.


Is email marketing still relevant?

Ever since the inception of email marketing in the early ’70s, email marketing has proven to be a reliable source of business sales and growth. It might be an old marketing strategy, but it is still relevant and authentic today. With over 85% of adults in the U.S using their emails actively, there’s no doubt that emails are still relevant.

Also, a report based on 2018 data ranked email marketing as the most effective marketing channel. With the emergency of social media marketing and other attractive marketing strategies, it might be tempting to overlook email marketing because it is an old system. Email marketing has evolved over the decades and has remained a relevant means of marketing.


Why should you
consider email marketing?

There are plently of reasons. Here are just a few:

Cost: Email marketing, unlike most marketing strategies, is cost-effective. A fat budget is not required to start using it to grow your business. Aside from not consuming so much in terms of finance, this marketing method doesn’t require so much time. Small businesses with a little budget can take advantage of this effective marketing strategy.

ROI: Research carried out by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reported that every $1 spent on email marketing generates an average ROI of $38. The ROI email marketing offers can be at an infinite level. Once email marketing is set up and designed to run on automation, it can continue to generate interests for the business as long as they have the product and service to offer.

Ease: In terms of usage and the ability to calculate and measure results, this marketing technique is at the top. Email leads can be followed up quickly, and results can be tracked. One thing that makes it easy is the ability to automate every process, from generating the emails to closing a sale. Much technical knowledge is not required to follow up on an email marketing campaign.

Engagement: With 99% of consumers checking their email every day, there is no better way to engage with your customers and prospects than through email marketing. Communication is a vital element in marketing, and with emails, this can be achieved. Companies can have a typical one-on-one type of engagement with their audience through emails. Also, emails allow businesses to personalize the messages they send out to their subscribers, and this is a helpful marketing technique.

Brand growth: Businesses looking to grow their brand and reputation can seize the opportunity email marketing offers. With this marketing strategy, businesses can sell their ideas and brand identity to their audience. Building trust, which is a foundational element in building a lasting relationship with customers, can also be achieved through email marketing.

Shareable content: With this marketing strategy, businesses can reach out to more prospects and increase their customer base. This is because email allows users to include shareable buttons. So subscribers on a business email list can share emails on their social media accounts and can forward it to others via email.

Get feedbacks: Aside from engaging and selling to prospects and customers through email marketing, businesses can request feedback from their subscribers. With email marketing, companies can run a survey to determine how good their product and service is. The results from this can be used to improve the business and brand reputation.


What results can
I expect?

Businesses that make proper use of email marketing will always reap the numerous benefits it brings. As you already know, the size of a company doesn’t matter as this marketing method works for all. What matters is how well a business utilizes it.

Here at Develte. we understand that a little error or omission can derail the success of an email marketing campaign. Because of this, we have experienced email marketers that can pay attention to every detail and get your business the result you seek. Although, certain factors such as the business industry, campaign goals, target location, and scope of the project might affect the results. We can get your business growing with an effective email marketing campaign.

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