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Conversion Rate Optimization.
Get more from your current marketing effort.


What is
Conversion Rate Optimization?

Businesses can now increase their ROI and get more of their audience to take certain desired results. This technique acts as a fault finder to a poor conversion rate and a solution that can boost the conversion rate.

After driving tons of targeted organic or paid traffic to a sales page or website, what next? It can be painful to get a huge amount of traffic, only for a very little number to sign up for newsletters or make a purchase. Almost nobody creates a website to drive traffic to it and do nothing. With conversion rate optimization (CRO), you can get this huge traffic to put a smile on your face. This technique looks at what is making visitors not take certain actions and work on improving it.

Let’s take, for example, an eCommerce store. They spend heavily on paid traffic but end up not making enough sales. What conversion rate optimization requires is that the cause of this poor conversion is figured out. Let’s say the cause of the poor conversion rate is a bad loading time of the website. With conversion rate optimization, such a problem can be determined, and measures will be put in place to correct it.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the act of using certain tools, techniques, and marketing knowledge to improve the conversion rate of a marketing strategy. With conversion optimization, businesses can analyze the behaviours of their visitors/audience, and use the results to increase their rate of conversion. This technique focuses on how to get your target audience to make decisions that suit a business goal.

Conversion rate optimization enables businesses to figure out what motivates their audience and how best to engage them. This method of increasing conversion rates can be very effective and helpful to any marketing strategy.


Why do I
need to CRO?

Conversion rate optimization is essential to every business that is trying to maximize their marketing budget and increase conversion. If you are looking to run a pay per click campaign, a conversion rate optimization expert can help you optimize your website for better conversions.

Also, if you are looking to out-do your competitors, then conversion rate optimization can help you win more customers. If you want to get more results from your marketing campaign, you need to do conversion rate optimization.


Three benefits of CRO

Several benefits come with doing a conversion rate optimization, and three vital benefits are:

Generating more sales from the existing campaigns: Conversion rate optimization allows businesses to make a U-turn on their existing campaigns. When a marketing campaign seems not to be effective, a conversion rate optimization can help spark life into it.

Finding and fixing sale blocking elements: Some times, what limits conversions on websites are small elements that you might not easily take note of. But with the help of a conversion rate expert, these elements and factors can be spotted and attended to.

Better use of resources and capital: This technique makes the entire marketing campaign of a business flow smoothly and saves unnecessary costs. It can help maximize a company’s marketing budget and produce a good ROI.


How we do
conversion rate optimization?

Depending on the type of marketing channel we focus on, we will emply a large combination of methods and tools to track, monitor, identify and fix issues that affect your conversion rate. Here are just a few of the tools and methods we use:

A/B testing: A/B testing, which is also known as split testing, involves comparing two separate versions of a website page in order to identify which one performs better. It has to do with experimenting with some tools to analyze and figure the best option.

Heatmaps: With heatmaps, we can figure out what your website visitors do on your website. Links visitors click on, how far down they scroll, things they ignore and look at, and other website visitors’ behaviours is what we would be analyzing through heatmaps.

Google Tags: Google tags are codes that, when we add to your website, we can use it to collect some vital details that relate to your website visitors’ behaviour. This Google tags can be used to improve both paid marketing conversions.

Analytics: With the help of specific analytic tools, we can offer a top-notch conversion rate optimization service. These tools will enable us to analyze even the smallest detail that can help improve conversions on your website.


Project by the numbers.


Websites optimized

Since August 2018 we have optimized well over 80 websites spread across 4 continents and many industries.


Average pages per website.

Throughout the years we had the privilage to work with many websites of diferent sizes from just a few pages to massive ones of 1000+ pages.


Pages being monitored

We are currently monitoring and managing more than 12000 web pages across multiple industries and regions.



Our work has helped and positively impacted businesses across 4 continents: Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.

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