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What is
Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising, put simply, is the future of advertising. Social media allows you to engage and interact with your customers in order to build stronger relationships and in turn increased customer loyalty. Social media not only increases customer retention but also attracts new customers.

As a business, I am sure you are always searching for new ways to grow your company and increase your sales. You may have a spectacular product/service but it is simply not reaching enough potential customers. For many businesses simply increasing their marketing efforts has provided a valuable solution. We believe we are the people who can help you with your marketing.

Advertising used to involve news articles, flyers, billboards, radio and TV ads. All of which are very expensive, time-consuming and more often than not, it would reach just a fraction of your target audience. Nowadays advertising is much cheaper and more effective. Social media advertising may be a new and unfamiliar concept for many, we aim to smoothly introduce you to the concept while also achieving the best results possible.

An effective social media advertising campaign could reach hundreds of thousands of potential clients and be the key to growing your business. The average person will spend 2 hours on social media a day. Our expert digital marketing will allow you to target these browsers and consequently grow your business.
Social media marketing can be used by all different types of businesses (and should be).

Social media is a very valuable tool for businesses. We will aim to help you utilise this tool in order to achieve the best results possible. We will aim to target all the top networks using our techniques accumulated from years of extensive professional experience in order to increase your visibility.

Quick statistics as of Jan 2021

in numbers.


Billion searches per day

It is estimated that Google sees more than 7 billion searches each day worldwide.


Billion Internet users

Currently there are more than 4.8 billion internet users wordwide, a number that constantly grows each day.


Google Search market share

As of January 2020, Google Search owns 91.38% of the worldwide search engine market share.


What channels do we advertise on?

When choosing a channel there are many different factors to consider. Each platform has different positives and different negatives. For example, Linkedin is a social media platform which specialises in working with businesses and working professionals. So if you plan on aiming your advertising at other businesses then LinkedIn would be the obvious choice, this is the same for each platform. When you begin working with us at Develte we will learn about your business and its goals and consequently decide what platform would be most successful for you. Here’s a short overview of each different platform.


Facebook has over 2.35 billion users with 6 new users registering every second. This absolutely huge platform is an incredible opportunity for all businesses looking to expand and reach new customers. Facebook ads are effective for both business to business adverts and business to customer ads. These ads are typically every effective as you can target specific demographics eg. age, location, occupation etc.


For those looking to target just customers, Instagram may be the most effective tool for you. Instagram ads are essentially posts which are targeted at a specific audience which are likely to be interested in your product or service. Instagram ads also have a call to action button which allows the customer to click on a link and go straight to a page to buy your product. This nice little feature could extremely increase the conversion rate.


For those looking to target just customers, Instagram, as well as Twitter, maybe the best option. Twitter offers the ability to promote tweets to specific audiences. These tweets are highlighted as promotional and will let you share your ad to a select amount of people. Twitter is a very widely used social media and could be the key to expanding your business.


LinkedIn is a social media platform which enables businesses and professionals to connect with one another. You may not see as many pictures of sunsets or tasty lunches on LinkedIn however you may find hundreds of thousands of potential employees or clients. Ads on LinkedIn are especially good for promoting your business to other businesses as it’s solely used for commercial reasons only.


What is
our process?

Here at Develte, we have a proven, fool-proof process in which we guarantee you our 100% effort and attentiveness.

Firstly, we arrange an initial meeting during which we would discuss your goals/budgets. During this time period we will learn about your expectations while also studying both your business and your competitors. Once we have arranged this meeting and discussed your goals we will proceed to set up the accounts and all your analytics. This is a very confusing and time-consuming process, hence why we take care of it for you. After this, we will then begin the creation of your marketing plan and the KPIs (key performance indicators).

Once we have completed all the planning we will proceed to create the entirety of your whole campaign. Before we begin we review all of your data in order to create the most efficient campaign possible. Once all of the above has been completed thoroughly we will begin the campaign. For the first week, we will thoroughly monitor your data to ensure everything is running smoothly. At the end of every week, we will review the data so that we are able to optimize the campaign. At the end of every month, we will have a meeting in which we will go through the monthly report. At the point when you are ready to cancel the advertising we will compile a full report of the whole time we’ve been with you.

This process has been tried and tested hundreds of times and we have created the best process possible. Here at Develte we cannot wait to share our extensive knowledge and experience with you so that you can achieve the best results possible. Although we cannot guarantee results as there are thousands of different variables that could possibly affect the outcome. Although we cannot promise exact results we can, however, promise our 100% effort and attentiveness. We will work closely and tirelessly with you in order to create a tailored process that perfectly fits your needs. We care about the success of your business so we will use all of the methods we have accumulated during our many years of experience.

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