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Organic SEO.
Naturally attract customers to your business.


What is
Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is the process of attracting more traffic to a website by using “organic” methods rather than paid for ads. Organic SEO focuses on an algorithm-driven process in which every aspect of the website is designed to be optimized for search engines.

Why is Organic SEO so important?

90% of search engine traffic comes from the first page of the search engines. This crazy statistic highlights the importance of ranking in today’s market. To build a successful e-commerce website, the business must focus on SEO and improving their ranking and visibility. The best website in the world is useless if nobody ever finds it. Organic SEO is a very effective method of attracting traffic towards a website. Gaining quality organic traffic is the key to an effective sustainable e-commerce business. With the amount of competition in each sector, it can seem difficult to effectively outrank others in your niche. Organic SEO is the key to both improving your website while also gaining more potential customers. Focusing on organic SEO allows you to:

  • Learn more about your customer
  • Make your website more streamlined and user friendly
  • Create new productive links with other business
  • Increase your business visibility

Although this all sounds too good to be true it is very achievable. While Organic SEO does not guarantee results, it most definitely increases your chances of success. It will also improve the user experience even if it doesn’t make you number 1 on google.

Quick statistics as of Jan 2021

The internet
in numbers.


Billion searches per day

It is estimated that Google sees more than 7 billion searches each day worldwide.


Billion Internet users

Currently there are more than 4.8 billion internet users wordwide, a number that constantly grows each day.


Google Search market share

As of January 2020, Google Search owns 91.38% of the worldwide search engine market share.


Types of keywords

The beauty of organic SEO is that it attracts high-quality prospects, this means the people visiting your website will be customers with intent to purchase your product. Organic SEO allows you to attract visitors interested in your product rather than random people who have no interest at all in investing in your business. If you’re able to understand the intent and needs of your customer you will consequently be able to exploit this to tailor your website to these needs.

One method is using keywords, these allow you to talk about certain words/phrases or ideas that you know will interest your customers. This will mean that when they search something regarding the topic or keyword that you’ve discussed it is more likely they will see your page. There are 4 different types of keywords that potential customers could search for:

Informational keywords:

Informational keywords are often used by customers to find new information. They may be seeking to learn about a particular topic, find answers to questions or solutions for problems. These are often found in articles or blogs, for example,  Review, Best, top-rated, recommended, compare.

Navigational keywords:

Navigational keywords are keywords used when a potential customer is searching for something. For example, they may be searching for a specific website, product, service or particular brand.

Transactional keywords:

Transactional keywords are keywords used by someone who is almost ready to convert. This means they could have searched questions like, “how to sign up”. Although this does not mean they are exactly a completed transaction this search implies they are very interested in a product/service.

Commercial keywords:

Commercial keywords, similarly to transactional keywords are phrases that suggest a customer wants/ is ready to buy a product. Transactional keywords may suggest interest however commercial key words imply the buyer is ready to purchase a product or service imminently.


Organic SEO
guarantee results?

Yes and no, it depends and it’s complicated. Sadly very few things in life are a 100% guarantee. This doesn’t mean you should disregard search engine optimization and its benefits.

Just like on our main SEO page, any service that is based on other services, Search Engines in this case, there is no way to guarantee 100% results. That doesn’t mean you should disregard this type of service and the benefits it brings. Your online presence will always fluctuate based on a plethora of factors, some are constantly changing without any possible control while others can be managed to a degree.

Organic SEO is truly key to any business hoping to find consistent quality traffic. Even if you have no intention in increasing the traffic of your website, the principles of organic SEO are critical for improving the quality of your user’s experiences. The bread and butter of organic SEO is simply creating and updating content good enough for your customers to enjoy and find useful. If you have a quality website with interesting helpful content then you will find yourself attracting lots of quality traffic. Unlike paid ads, which will only be effective while you’re paying, organic SEO will continue to be effective as long as the public has access to your website.


What exactly
do we offer?

Here at Develte, we are certain we can be a valuable asset to your business. Our SEO service will drive more traffic to your website which will undoubtedly translate into sales. Put simply, our service will earn you more money.

If you are looking to implement organic SEO in your website then Develte is the best team around. Here at Develte we offer you our extensive knowledge and experience of the industry. We will implement techniques which we’ve learned from many years of optimizing websites. Although organic SEO sounds simple there are lots of nuances and techniques that you must know if you wish to be successful. Here at Develte we will share our knowledge with you so that you can save your precious time.

We guarantee 100% attention to detail. To achieve the best results, we will learn about your business and your customers to tailor the process to maximize success. Using our experience and data, we will ensure that your business receives the visibility it deserves. We will aim to increase organic traffic towards your website. Organic traffic is a term used to refer to visitors finding your website via unpaid search results. We aim to increase the traffic of visitors interested in your product or service to your website.


Project by the numbers.


Websites optimized

Since August 2018 we have optimized well over 80 websites spread across 4 continents and many industries.


Average pages per website.

Throughout the years we had the opportunity to work with many websites of different sizes from just a few pages to massive ones of 1000+ pages.


Pages being monitored

We are currently monitoring and managing more than 12000 web pages across multiple industries and regions.



Our work has helped and positively impacted businesses across 4 continents: Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.

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